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Thursday, 4 February 2016

blue suede shoes

what on earth is my hair doing in this

Ahhhh these boots! I'd been dreaming about them for a good part of a week or two and when they were still in River Island, still the last pair in my size I knew I had to snap them up! At £30 in the sale instead of £65 it was obvious really. I feel like Sienna Miller (babe.) in these babiessss. I wore them out for lunch for my Nana's birthday which was a nice excuse to dress up a little. Albeit the rest of outfit just shouts ninja. The furry bag is an oldie from ASOS and matches my boots nicely. I really want a Mongolian fur bag but I haven't found the one yet. The jumper is Zara and cost a measly £19.99 and has nice slim arms which I like a lot. The jeans or the more appropriate word for them- 'jeggings' are ASOS Rivington's. I was a huge Ridley fan but they changed them some time last year and they are just not the same. I've got some Topshop Joni's and to be honest they are identical to the Rivington's but more expensive. Fit like a dream it's just a shame they're a little on the thin side. I miss the front pockets and belt loops but the fit is so good and stretchy I can't complain too much, plus they're £22.00. Get them in your ASOS basket ladies!


  1. I see the Sienna vibes! The shoes are so gorge, I always love navy shoes but have never actually owned a pair - yet! Looking super chic x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

  2. In love with your outfit, especially the blue touches from your shoes and bag as the colours and textures look so nice
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

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