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Friday, 1 January 2016

what i'm going to do

I've been having a major stalk of my favourite bloggers and those I deeply admire to try and work out what I enjoy reading and how I can translate that to my blog. I suppose they're kind of new years resolutions but mostly just something to aim for.

Currently I don't think my outfit posts are up to scratch, what I do love however are flat lays. Pinterest eat your heart out. They create the most calm, clear and clean aesthetics. There is no funny business, just plain and simple. They are so effective and I think Estée's the other day is one of my favourites. It's just so, cool? I don't even have a describing word that seems to fulfill it. Clean, minimal with some fun jewellery to match. It makes me pine to wear my own clothes to work, get rid of this uniform style business dress which is so uninspiring it hurts.

Now this is a tricky one, I currently live with my parents and have no chance of moving out any time soon. I am however a huuuge scandinavian interior & lifestyle fan. Something I could achieve with wishlists, bedroom snipets and tumblr love? After all who doesn't love a bit of natural, white washed, greenery and pastel colours? The minimalist life is something I need to aim for, better empty my recycling that I've been piling collecting since before Christmas... I'll leave the snazzy stuff to the professionals. *cough* kate la vie.

I don't actually do much outside of work so I can't say you're gonna be wowed off your feet with my social life. Two bloggers I have followed for years are Josie and Sam. Both bloggers I would call both friends even though I've never met them. (Yet) Both so lovely and their blogs never fail to make me smile with their down to earth posts. Elle is also a favourite, she has the most beautiful photos. So many bloggers have become travel bloggers and while that would be awesome I think booking a holiday to somewhere new would be a good start. Iceland and aaaaall the Scandinavian countries are top of the list. I better start working on my photography... I also want to learn to knit but it's most definitely not my forte so wish me luck!

There's no denying that I love a good lipstick or three hundred. But I tend to stick to my favourites and it's only every now and then I discover a must have. It's the same with skincare, I don't tend to mix it up as an adult acne sufferer I'm a tad terrified to use anything that might make my skin flare up, especially as it's finally starting to settle after a good 10 months. So maybe the odd make up or skincare post when I've found something I truly need to share right then and there.

WIWT and OOTD posts were one of the main reasons I started my blog that good four years ago, LLYMLRS being one of those who inspired me. I feel so uninspired at the moment despite working in retail (this time of year is soul destroying) People like Sophie MilnerHelenMonikh Dale, Hannah CrosskeyLizzy Hadfield, Camille Charriere and Pandora Sykes (just to name a few...) always help motivate me and give me ideas. As does pinterest and good ol' tumblr. As I said before I love the minimal Scandi look and I adore the fashion just as much. Clean cuts, unusual shapes and neutral colours. Whistles (I'm sure I bore my work colleagues with just how much I love Whistles); COS, French Connection, &otherstories all help my shopping addiction.

pets are good for your stress levels/entertaining me 

I've never been super healthy or super unhealthy and I've always been a weakling- trust me numerous physios have laughed. I had a minor car crash in the middle of the year and that has thrown me out completely. Months of physio and now twice weekly chiropractic sessions and I'm getting there. I can now touch my toes again ;) It's so deliberating on your body so I really think I need to make a change for the good. I've been recommended swimming, yoga and pilates when I'm better to help build up my core and kick my posture back in line. (gedddddit?! in line, aligned...) Chronic back pain, severe headaches and migraines are gonna be a thing of the past. I've er just got to get myself together and take the plunge... Great excuse to go shopping for cool sportswear mind you! Oh and actually drink some water. 


  1. These are all great aims for your blog, I'm so pleased you're feeling all inspired again! I love the idea of these amazing flat lays but I'm put off by the fact you have to tidy it all up again afterwards - how lazy is that?? Thank you for the mention, can't wait to see some future posts from ya! x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

  2. I can't wait to see it all! Personally I think your OOTD's are on point anyway, I always have! Thanks so much for the mention, 2016 is the year we'll meet FO' SHO' xxxx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  3. Love your polo! I also have this and it was a great little Topshop find x


  4. Really nice goals for the new year! We've started with the flatlays but probably need to get more involved with sharing and exploring the lifestyle side of blogging - love your dungaree look by the way :)
    Have a happy new year and feel free to check out our latest post x

  5. Yay for inspiration! Good luck with your goals for this year, i'm sure you'll achieve them and so much more! Happy New Year Isobel :)


    Sade xo

  6. Fab post, and good luck with your goals! Flat lays are the bomb but so tricky to master, we definitely share that goal! Loving your ootd's particularly that cute dungaree outfit!

    Anoushka Probyn - A London Fashion Blog