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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

nars steven klein

 Don't you just love the packaging of NARS products? As long as I can remember I've lusted over the black, rubberized sleek packaging with the beauty inside. Almost better than chocolate, almost. The first NARS product I bought was the multiple and it was love at first sight. Since then my collection has grown and dare I say it, is my favourite lipstick brand of all time. Like, if I could only own one lipstick brand it would be NARS, super tough competition between MAC's Ruby Woo which is my all time favourite red. 

Lets go back to the NARS palette in front of you, Steven Klein's collaboration with NARS is delightful. The 'Despair' palette has four blushes as such, three of which are limited edition to this holiday palette. I believe 'Nico' is the only permanent blush of the collection. It's the top left hand corner, light cream blush but I'd say it's more of a high lighter. It's subtle and the shimmer is lovely, I've used it every day since I bought it. The wonderful lady on the NARS counter in John Lewis Oxford Street did make me question her skills though, she mentioned I could use it as a bronzer as I was quite pale. Oh sorry, did you mistake me for a ghost? It's not going to be bronze on anyoneeee. Not even Dita Von Teese, perhaps as a highlighter for contouring?. Apart from that bizarre comment she was great. Irritatingly the only vice I have about Nico is the excess it kicks up in the pan.

 Esoteric is my favourite, I never thought I would use an orange blush, but my god is it wonderful. The tiniest bit on my brush gives me the warmest glow. I haven't put this down since I bought it and it's still available to buy so if you've got any money left this month after the sale/January blues shopping I suggest you add this to your basket! It's a winner in my eyes. 


  1. These colours look gorgeous - especially the orange/peachy colour! Obviously it's a bit bright but there's no harm in using it as a bold eye colour instead of a blush :)
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