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Monday, 28 September 2015

autumnal updates

autumnal updates

I'm sure the only organised post I do is an autunmal wishlist. This one features quite a few pricey items, have I always had expensive taste or is it due to the beautiful clothes and items that I work around? Either way it's getting dangerous for my bank account. 

I'm sure the gals (and guys!) at work are fed up of me going on and on about the Jaeger jumper of my dreams. The black one above is literally everything I've ever wanted in a black jumper. It firstly came into store in a yellow toned cream which is always so horrendous on my skin tone I didn't even bother trying it on. And when the rep finally mentioned that yes, it's coming in black I could not shut up about it. Despite it's disgusting (but oh so worth it, the quality is divine) price tag I un-patiently checked daily,  no, make that hourly for the black version to come in. Come price match I was desperate for it and lo and behold it came in online in black. So price match and my discount made it a hell of a lot cheaper, not cheap and definitely an investment piece that I will have to wear daily to justify and keep till I'm 80. 

I've been after a Neom candle for what feels like years, as soon as they were the latest bloggers must have candle I have been lusting over them. I wouldn't spend that much on a candle normally but I do get discount which helps. I bought my first one from TkMaxx the other day, a travel sized one in sensuous. It smells heavenly and being 100% natural it doesn't hurt my nose. Oh so sensitive Bel. I'm tempted to put one on my Christmas list as it's a extravagance that I don't really need. The one pictured is actually a massage/body oil candle. You light it and it melts the wax (duh) and you can use the oils as a massage oil for your skin, what a great idea for a gift!

I bought the NARS audacious lipstick in Fanny the other day when Space NK sent me a £5.00 off voucher, It's a beautiful colour and I thought the name was hilarious, the shop assistant with her posh accent did not. As with all NARS lipsticks it lasts SO well. throughout lunch and numerous cups of tea. 

The UGG slippers will also be on my Christmas list, hoping they go into price match on Black Friday as they are also a very dear price. They have a proper sole and seem quite supportive at the moment, obviously until they soften. These would be very much appreciated as I'm currently borrowing a spare pair of my mums m&s beauties which cause me to pronate even more and well they aren't particularity faassssh-un. 

Talking of feet, I've already bought and worn the Kin boots pictured above, they look SO good with skinnies and a baggy knit a la Kate Moss.

I'd like the Urban Decay eyeshadow in Sin too, it's my most used in the Naked palette and it would be nice to use as a highlighter too. I've never hit pan on a eyeshadow before so I know this would be used to death. 

I can't believe Christmas is even mentioned in this post, I know loads of people who have started their shopping already! I've got to get a move on if I want to stay organised. It's terrible that I've bought most of these items already but I haven't yet shared them with you. What items are you lusting over?


  1. Hahahaaa I think that NARS lipstick is so funny too but also beautiful! I love the UGG slippers too - I want a proper pair of UGGs cos my feet always get so cold :( xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  2. Cracking up at the lipstick name too haha! I love the jumper, I'm glad you got it - it looked so good on you too! x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic