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Friday, 18 September 2015

18092015 BATH


I absolutely adore this whistles shirt, managed to pick it up in the sale for £38 instead of the £130 I wasn't quite willing to pay! I've got it in the long sleeved white version too that I wear to work and I'm so pleased I've got the navy one. Isn't the back great? I love the box pleat and the shape it creates.  I've got it layered over a cheapy ASOS dress as it's a little too cropped to wear with high waisted jeans on a daily basis, that statement makes me feel ancient. I've even started commenting my clothes are too short, never thought me of all people would say that. 

Boots are KIN by John Lewis and I totally should of worn tights. I love Bath, it was my top choice to go to uni before I met the interviewer decided she was a evil cow (she was, honest!) and got rejected but moving on! Lovely city with ALL the shops I could ever want, Whistles, Anthropology etc. The rain couldn't even dampen my spirits. Me and mum also went to see Legend in this teeny old cinema it was so nice, the film was violent but I loved it. Tom Hardy is incredible in so many ways and Frances' dresses and make up was peeerfect. Gah how I wish to have been around in the 60s. Incredibly interesting story however glamorized it was I'd definitely recommend it. 

We also went to the Fashion Museum which was really good, I loved seeing all the pieces from the early 2000s and J Lo's Versace dress was as ridiculous in person as it is in print. SO revealing. 

So that was the start to my week off, and now I'm back home cuddling Clara and trying to stop her from biting me. She's teething, the rascal. 

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  1. Oh wow, this shirt is gorgeous! I know what you mean about short clothes as well.. I just can't do it any more (not that I ever did but yunno!). Bath looks lovely as well, you snapped up some great pictures xxx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge