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Friday, 7 August 2015

autumn updates we've got to have

autumn updates

Every single year I post a very similar picture, rich autumnal colours full of smooth suede and a lot of texture. Every year my wardrobe cries out for some new pieces and every year I tend to give in. I've already purchased those jazzy Zara trousers and worn them countless times, they're so comfy (room for a food baby too) and surprisingly wearable. They go with my black cami's, mustard knits and roll necks. I'm all for layering.

To be perfectly honest I'm going to be wearing my work clothes/uniform that consists of skirt suits and lace tops. Classy lace tops F.Y.I not the cheap, trashy types. Which is all cool and that but ugh do I want to wear a chunky knit, a comfy jean and some boots. Comfort is all that really isn't it! Those without uniform constraints please wear all the chunky knits and alllll the suede for me.

I bought some of the ASOS thea girlfriend jeans which are my first foray into anything other than a black skinny jean. Albeit they're still black but the loose leg with a ripped knee makes me feel a little cooler than I am. Especially with heeled boots or some easy converse. Also they're only 11 quid. 

Whilst we're at it, WHO SAW THAT RED SUEDE DRESS IN THE ASOS MAGAZINE? when is it in stock and why isn't it already hanging up in my wardrobe RN? 

Give me a wool coat and a red berry lip any day although I should probably be spending my money on more grown up things ;)

p.s click on the autumn updates link under the picture for the links!


  1. Those printed Zara trousers are beautiful! I know you probably wear them so well.. I am so tempted to get them! I am all for berry colours in Autumn as well, but really should be saving for adult things too haha xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

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