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Wednesday, 8 July 2015


 Hi guys, I've seen this tan around a lot on blogs recently whether it be press samples or reviews I've been meaning to mention as to how I got the above for £3.00! That's less than my favourite starbucks (vanilla signature hot chocolate FYI.) Red Magazine are doing a deal where you buy three months worth for £3.00 (and then direct debit after, I'm not sure how much but you can cancel) and you get free St Tropez essentials! Now these came within a matter of days of ordering the magazine which for once was aaamazing. Usually it takes months I find. 

I've only used the shower tanner once as I'm already tanned (for me) from my holiday so I can't really comment on it's tanning abilities. It was a little messy, the lotion mixed with the water and kind of formed a streaky milk but as there are no streaks yet that I can tell anyway  so I'm assuming it's ok! It has however got that telltale smell of biscuits a couple of hours on! Not too offensive like most tanners though. One thing that's a little irritating is its moisturising abilities, or lack of. I've found it's really dried my skin out and that felt almost immediately. So far my views are mixed and I obviously haven't tried it out to it's full potential but I thought I'd share my bargain with you lot who may be trying to get your mitts on this! 
Failing that, it's also reduced with Boots at the moment. But WHO doesn't want a magazine a month as well?! 

Buy it here and subscribe here if you want to try it my way! It's a bloody bargain in my eyes for both the magazine aaaand the St Tropez products! 

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  1. I never really use tan but you can't really go wrong with £3 can you?! Is it bad that I like the packaging too? It sounds like the dream tan haha xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge