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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

10062015 Clinique

So I got sucked into a buy one piece of make up and one piece of skincare you got a free goodie bag! The white clutch pictured above with the minis and a bright pink nail varnish that I forgot to include. How cute is the clutch? the reverse is plain so I could probably get away with using it for nights out ;) multi purpose and all that. The mini's are perfect for my holiday especially when I was going to buy a mini micellar water and decant my moisturiser as well as bringing a full size cleanser along so this has already saved me space in my suitcase for the extra bikinis/gluten free bread. (I'm not even joking!) The chubby stick is really pigmented as well, just like a lipstick but super moisturising! 

So onto the purchases, the Clinique Cheek Pop has been on my mind for as long as it's been out. Having only recently been into blushes- something I perceived as adding to my red, blemished and scarred complexion as a bad thing. Turns out I obviously was wrong and now consider a bit of colour on my cheeks as a incredibly good thing. Softens the casper look well. I picked up Melon Pop, it's a powder blush with a creamy consistency that I can't wait to try out.  

I picked up the cleanser for blemish prone skin too, I'm not sure on this as it's definitely foaming but a lot of people rave about Clinique- I'm not convinced yet. The three step did nothing for my skin- apparently the moisturizer isn't even a proper moisturizer? according to the Clinique lady it's just a moisturising lotion and you need to add moisturiser- what? Can anyone enlighten me on this! 

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