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Monday, 25 May 2015


Ok so one technically isn't a skincare product! the Dove Oxygen Moisture Root Lift Spray (try saying that after a glass of wine!) is a permanent favourite in my hair routine since it first came out. It gives my hair a sense of life and some much needed volume- especially considering how short it is. My hair no longer sticks to my scalp and it doesn't leave any residue what so ever- a must for fine hair. 

The Rodial Stemcell super-food day cream is an expensive purchase retailing at £49.00. I bought it on offer after having gone through two sample packs and loved it. It leaves my skin feeling well and truly nourished and sinks in quickly. I have no qualms about this apart from the price and the fact I got through 50ml of it in around a month. If I had endless amounts of money I'd buy it time and time again but the price does not justify it for me. If it was £30.00 my view may be different!  It truly is amazing though and that's coming from a very picky person with intolerant skin!

Next up is the Palmers Natural Bronze body lotion, a friend from work recommended it to me and after one application I'm sold. Although I really hate the biscuit smell (also not fair because I'm allergic to biscuits!) it is a miracle worker. I have a very natural looking tan and I can't believe how quick it was! I put it on before I went to bed and by morning I had a streak free tan. I'm going to continue using this to give me a touch of colour. One small bonus is that it doesn't smell of Palmers cocoa butter- anyone else but me hate the smell? Just me then. 

Clarins Melt off Cleanser, now this is what my dreams are made of. No fuss gel to oil to milk wash off cleanser leaving your skin soft and make up free. I'm convinced I've already done a review on this years ago as it really is a product I buy time and time again. I briefly swapped to the Nude Cleanser, a similar gel to milk product that is completely natural but the only thing is I can't tell much of a difference. Admittedly it's got to be better for my skin- right?! but the Clarins is still my favourite, mainly for the lower price. 

Last but not least, a newbie in my skincare cupboard, meet the Origins Out of Trouble Face mask! Now this mask is a thing of beauty, clears my skin and gently removes some of the puddles of oil I have on my face. TMI? It smells like tea-tree and tingles a little once on but I would give this at least a 9/10 as it's so good at balancing my skin. I'm pretty sure it's made it much clearer too- I'm off to buy the Origins face brush thing too when I remember to give it an extra good cleanse before I use this. I can see myself repurchasing this again and again! Brilliant for oily, acne prone skin. 

What are your must have purchases when it comes to skincare & hair care? I'd love some recommendations! 

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  1. Oooo I think I'll have to try that tanning lotion! It's so cloudy here that my vacation tan is already fading :(