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Saturday, 23 May 2015


So a bit of a controversial topic today, some of you will hate them and some of you will love them and have plenty. Before anyone starts getting ideas I'm not planning to get any tattoos in the near future. As a incredibly creative person I'm drawn towards any sort of aesthetically pleasing drawings, 
fonts, text or even just a squiggle. Soft, delicate drawings or bold statements I love them both. In particular dainty, small tattoos are my favourite. Usually in an unusual place, below are some of my favourites from tumblr over the years! Currently my instagram feed is full of them, black and white being my favourite although I am partial to a good sleeve. 

Part of me still wants this novelty cat tattoo, being a cat lady and all and having lost my favourite little cat Roo recently it reminded me of how much my pets mean to me and what an impact they make. Not too get too soppy but aren't cats (and dogs!, the day I get my sausage dogs will be a very good day indeed) just adorable. And while we're at it- how damn cute is this one. And thiiiiis must be from the Artisocats, right guys? It just fills my cold heart up with cuteness. 

 (cute wishbone tattoo-  source)

Finger tattoos are a hit or a miss I've found, gone are the days of 'mum' and 'dad' or even 'love' and 'hate' if you were a super cool guy and now in it's place there are sweet, delicate little inks. The promise on the pinky finger is bloody adorable and if it had a meaning or a memory behind it that would make it 10x better. I love the little daisy chain too, I feel it would look great as a chain around your wrist too. The spaceship and the planet are pretty cool and I've never seen them until now. 

While we're on geometric style tattoos, how cool are these triangle ones? There's something quite nice about a triangle. It's a good shape.  The middle almost correct geometric style heart is gorgeous, it just makes me want to colour it in with different tones of one colour or something! the couple heart tattoos on the fingers are so bloody cute too, you better be sure he's the one though ;) 


do you have any tattoos? what have you got? 

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  1. I used to HATE tattoos, and I seriously mean hate them however, I went and got a teeny tattoo on my ankle last year haha (an anchor) and I LOVE it. Must admit, I still don't like bigger ones but I think teeny ones are so cool xxx

    Sam | Samantha Betteridge

    1. ahhh i bet that is SO nice! and discrete enough if you need it to be! i'm too much of a wimp! xxxx

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