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Sunday, 19 April 2015

19042015 NEW IN

Fresh flowers: Who can resist beautiful flowers especially when they're only a couple of pounds! These have been going strong for well over a week now, and they also go fabulously with my bedroom's colour scheme. I always find they give a space a bit more life!

Books: Hey Natalie Jean is one of my absolute favourite bloggers! She writes so beautifully and her stories about her family, her day to day life, and style are absolutely wonderful. Her book is equally as sweet, style tips and realistically how to make your hair wash last seven days and my favourite- how to apply false eyelashes. Gorgeous photography as well, if you buy only one blogger book- buy this one. It's the most genuine, wonderful book that you need in your life. 

Deliciously Ella, another blogger book but as most (read: everyone cool enough) people know she makes the most deliciously looking annnd tasting gluten free; sugar free, 100% natural healing food. Being naturally gluten free recipes and equally sounding delicious and something my vegetarian sister would make use of too. I've only made one dish so far, cauliflower and potato curry. It was lovely and made so much more than four portions! Good for leftover lunches. 

  ASOS SAY GOODBYE LOAFERS: fabulous pointy, patent loafers, as always ASOS have done it again. I love the chunky heel too. Pretty damn comfy and great price too. They make an outfit so much more polished and put together. 

Havaianas: my ultimate flip flops, I'm not sure I'd ever buy another brand. No blistered wrecked feet either and super duper comfy. 

This is my second mini kit by Rodial. I bought it off ASOS after seeing the brand in my local SPACE NK and thought it was a great idea to try out some new bits of skin care. The set is perfect for a week away on holiday too, the sample sizes are really decent and I love everything minus the muslim cloth (who even likes those, get m&s flannels) and the glam balm I haven't got much use out of. Mainly because I'm concentrating on using as little products as possible than necessary while I sort my skin out. 

The day cream was my absolute favourite, a full review will be coming soon but as it was on offer on ASOS I just had to buy it. It's really moisturising and although it takes a minute to soak in it doesn't break me out or leave a residue. It keeps the cardboard face away nicely too, no one likes that!

As a total falsie newbie I thought I'd give these clusters a little go! I prefer the clusters as it just gives a little bit more definition to the outer corners of my eyes. I've already got long eyelashes but this just gave them that extra little bit. The manicure tips were as cheap as buying the hole puncher reinforces that you can get and thinner so the nail varnish should essentially look nicer and much smoother. And at a couple of pounds for both it's not too big a deal if it doesn't work out. I got mine from WILKINSONS. 

 NARS creamy concealer. A new and a brilliant addition to my make up bag. I have Vanilla Light 2, although 1 would have been a bit better but nothing a touch of bronzer can't fix! I've found this a really good coverage for both blemishes and dark under eye circles and it's so easy to layer up without looking cakey. Five gold stars from me. 

Also how'd you like my new blog look? thought it needed a little snazzing up. 


  1. Definitely agree that fresh flowers are a must in spring, especially as they are so cheap! I also love Ella's cook book! I tried the quinoa pizza crust, and although it wasn't as good as the real thing, it was definitely a nice, healthy alternative :)
    P.S LOVE the new layout!! xxx

    Sam | Samantha Betteridge

  2. Love the new layout....very swish! I love Rodial, such a good brand x

    Josie’s Journal