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Thursday, 19 March 2015


So let me introduce you to NUDE skincare, a brand that's relatively new to me. I've heard good things about it before but when SPACE NK offered me a mini facial with a representative from the brand I thought I'd take them up. This is just something they offer in store - similar to the complimentary makeovers do. Anyway back to NUDE, like the name suggests they don't hide any nasties. The product is completely natural and full of omega's to feed your skin the nutrients it needs. Apparently it was made and produced by the guy who opened whole foods- who'da thought! Feeding your body good, nutritious foods is all well and good but we forget our skin. Natural products usually make me shudder at the thought, most 'natural products' really don't do anything for my skin and pure tea tree oil comes to mind and bad advice for teenage skin care, eugh! 

Anywaaaay onto the review, do they products make my skin feel clean and happy? yes, they do. The cleansing jelly removes my make up with ease just like the CLARINS melt off cleanser. It leaves your skin soft and oh so clean. It doesn't seem to break me out either, hopefully it's helping instead!

The mask is a fabulous deep cleansing mask that doesn't dry. It's got these little black beads in it that work their magic by exfoliating the skin when you remove the mask. It left my skin feeling clean and there was no soreness or extreme tightness. I've been using this twice a week and it's really making my skin look and feel less clogged! 

The prices are a teeny bit hard to hear and I'm sure I'd treat myself to them again but right now I'm pleased with their kind results! 

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