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Saturday, 28 March 2015

28032015 Say Goodbye Loafers


Jumper: ZARA Jeans: ASOS Ridley's Shoes: ASOS Say Goodbye Necklace: H&M

Today I met up with one of my best friends and we went down town for lunch, I had some good pasta and there is even leftovers for tomorrow! I also had a deliciousss cocktail, pomegranate and raspberry cosmo that was pretty enough to instagram. Zizzi's never let me down. I've been out for dinner so much lately! As much as I love it I think I should probably go down the 'nourishment bowl' route  a la nouvelle. It sounds pretty much is my favourite quinoa dish, plenty of roasted veg, chicken, chillies and drizzled (read: smothered) toasted sesame oil! Although I'm not sure it's thaaat healthy for you with the amount of oil I have! And you definitely need to use a filter on it to instagram, food isn't that pretty. Unless it's pizza. Anyway have a nosey on my pinterest account for some #foodinspo.

How do you like my new shoes? I went a size up in the end, little bit roomier for my toes! Surprisingly comfy and I love the look- can't wait to put them with a more androgynous outfit. 

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  1. I love Zizzi's too! But I love those shoes more, they're so gorgeous and you're still giving me hair envy x

    Josie’s Journal