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Sunday, 18 January 2015

favourite bloggers

These wonderful blogging babes won't come as a surprise to you but I felt like giving my favourite reads a little extra love and share them with you guys. Some are bloggers I've followed for years and some have just popped up on my radar in the last couple of months. 

what olivia did, oh this babe! i don't know where to start, i've been following her for years and she keeps on getting better. A fellow red lipstick lover, classic dresser with a brilliant baking recipes. 

pages by megan, give her 60s, 70s and anything remotely androgynous you name it and this lady can pull it off. an ASOS personal stylist (dreamy job) and a instagram you could waste days on. 

the little magpie, she's scottish and hilarious. gorgeous little lady with a wardrobe to die for. amy's love for paolo and all black layered outfits topped with a hat make her a top bookmarked lady. 

josie's journal, josie is such a peach, she shares her lows and highs of cystic fibrosis mixed with perfect outfit pictures, silly stories, infectious positivity. lots of denim and stripes galore and not to mention her love for dogs. you should also take a peek at her etsy store, shes a brilliant lady that i'd love to meet. 

dearest deer, dunya is always on my need to read list, beautiful writing and face her seventies and pastel outfits are always perfect as is her photography. 

thelovecatsinc, helen has got everything down to a t, her blog is beautiful and i have serious hair and shoe envy. she's got a fab jean collection and always looks so well polished. 

hey natalie jean, oh natalie and her adorable family! her brooklyn adventures and sarcastically brilliant stories are everything i aim to be. she's got the capsule wardrobe down perfectly too. 

burkatron followed caroline for what feel like forever and she keeps getting better. her fun diy's, beautiful photography and fabulous style. she also has super interior posts that get me droolin' over.

love cloth just from reading her blog you can tell kim is such a sweetheart. her posts are full of joy and her outfits are wonderful. i always look forward to her posts.  

jasmine dowling oh she's such a babe! gorgeous pictures and her illustrations are perfect.  can't love her enough!

i am charlotte martin, this girls instagram fills up my charlotte fix but her blog is another thing. shes everything i aim to be if you know, i had the slightest bit of coolness! she's also an assistant stylist at missguided, super cool. 

hannah louise f  gah i love this lady's style, it's always spot on and shes got fab make up skills and with her firey red hair? add some classic pieces to some fun more retro bits. she's one to watch. 

shot from the street just HOW did i forget to include this lady, she has the perfect sense of style. Masculine, strong vibes and not to mention her hair ! heart eyed emoji insert here. 


  1. You're a bloody babe you are! Thank you SO much for featuring me, that means the world x

  2. Thank you so much for your featuring me alongside these absolute BABES! You've totally made me blush <3 x