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Monday, 12 January 2015


You know when a smell transports you back to a memory? Like certain shampoos or suncreams remind me of holiday's I've been on or how the smell of barbecued food just screams summer and late warm evenings. This reminds me of the styling course I did over the summer, the course leader used it constantly and the delicious smell of almond just soothes my senses. It's a creamy texture which although it takes a little time to rub in it's extremely nourishing and my hands are thanking me for the extra attention. Burts Bee's also do not test on animals which gives me the thumbs up from my little sister and I believe it's entirely natural. Fab for my super sensitive skin- I haven't had any sort of reaction from this little tub of happiness. Seriously it's even in a fun glass jar, super cool. You can purchase it from here and I'd thoroughly recommend you do. I hope you don't mind the constant sniffing of your hands though, marzipan deliciousnessssss.


  1. It's weird isn't it when a smell makes you think of something so vividly. The candle Pink Sands from Yankee reminds me of the first month of my relationship, it's really strange! Ah I love anything that comes in a cute little jar and I love Burts Bees so I'm bound to love this. xx


  2. The scent of almond is just my fave, the Lo'ccitane almond milk moisturiser is divine! I tried a sample and can't afford the real thing... This might have to do in the timbering, sounds heavenly!