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Thursday, 8 January 2015

08012015 ASOS FUR COAT

hi guys! I bought this beautiful coat from ASOS in the sale, it's absolutely beautifully soft. My whole family kept hugging me everytime I've had it on. The only teeny issue is whether it's too big? It's wonderful but I don't feel I could pull it off, it's certainly not a coat you could go under the radar in. I'd love your opinions on the coat, I'm thinking I should send it back. Helen looks an absolute babe in it! suits her SO much! I'm also not a fan that you can see the poppers on mine- just me? 

If you could give me your honest but not brutal opinion I'd be a happy lady! Theres a navy Whistles faux fur coat at the moment which is to die for, such a shame the price tag isn't! Working in the Whistles and Reiss section at work is killin' me. 


  1. I honestly think you ROCK this coat! I love it! And in any case, if you like it, just wear it! Screw anyone who comments negatively.. they aren't the ones wearing it!

    Sam | Samantha Betteridge

  2. Noo do not send it back it's stunning and really suits you!