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Thursday, 1 January 2015


Goodness me it's 2015 already!? I can't believe how quickly this year has gone, I know everyone says that but doesn't it just feel like that? This year has been a bit hit and miss, I've graduated from university; made friends, lost friends, moved back home and got a new job. I've done courses and work experience, I haven't changed my hair a zillion times (for once!) and I've bought far too many lipsticks. I turned 21 this year, celebrated with loved ones and made the most of my netflix subscription. 

A little lighthearted admittedly but this isn't a soppy post! I've been thinking of a few goals I want to try and succeed with! 

1. Stop Trying to Live Up to a Certain Image
I'm in charge of my personal image and although it's hard I want to try and stop comparing myself to everyone else. I'm sure everyone has this bit of doubt but I'm a firm believer in being yourself. 

2. Blog Ideas
I've always got so many ideas running around my head and I don't put them to good use and blog! I often have ideas and then see other people post similar and wonder why I didn't make the effort! I'm never going to advance my blog unless I put more effort it. Sure it's hard with the lighting and working full time but if other bloggers manage it I'm sure I could at least try! 

3. Go Out of my Comfort Zone
Whether it's social occasions or just with my personal style I'd love to try and be a bit more creative and try new things. I'm more of a homebody really but I feel the need to make a few more memories and make the most of this year! I want to try new experiences and as lame as it sounds, find myself a bit more. Maybe go to a few gigs or galleries. 

I hope everyone has a good year, experiences; make memories - good or bad and good health. 

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  1. Happy new year! I 100% agree with your first goal. Last year was a huge year for me, and I really did stop caring what people thought of me, and started being myself. I want to firmly secure that this year, and as selfish as it seems, just be me and please myself. I really love your blog, so I hope you can find the time to write about your ideas! I'm sure they will be great :)