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Monday, 27 October 2014


I'd been impatiently waiting for the audacious lipstick collection to come out in my local SPACE NK'S (yeahhh we've got two!) as I'd already swatched CHARLOTTE on the back of my hand and decided it was love at first sight. That said when I bought it I showed my friend Jess and was like hmm I'm sure it was a different colour but it's definitely the right name. Later swatched it again and realised it was infact the right one but the colour looks totally different from the bullet. It's more of a berry red, more blue tones than the actual bullet. It goes on beautifully like every NARS lipstick, the only difference is the bullet shape (spend 2x more time than usual as it's so precise or better, grab a lip brush) and the smell- it doesn't have that sweet lavender smell like the others. Not that it is really that important. I've already popped a few more on my wishlist, including BARBARA. It's pricier than the usual NARS but as always, worth it. 

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