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Saturday, 25 October 2014

25102014 OOTD

These pictures were taken behind the scenes at BANK's christmas campaign shoot! Thanks Georgina! it's just the simplest outfit for travelling in, ASOS skinny Ridley jeans, a cami top underneath and a TOPSHOP black long sleeve ribbed crop on top. Paired with my fave GEOX LUCINDA heeled boots and some jewellery and you're good to go! 

f.y.i the asos ridley jeans are incredible, and long. These are the 32 inch and are more like a 34 on me! I always find it strange that I don't buy my clothing especially trousers in the tall section seeing as I'm 5'8 as they're always too long for me. Hmm anyone else find that? 


  1. Loved your look and so good to spend the day together! We need to meet up again soon! Xx

  2. Very sophisticated outfit :)
    Also, I really like the location. It looks very exciting and I want to see more!