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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

08102014 Topshop Culottes

These photographs are actually incredible, blogger seems to be against me and blurs and ruins the beautiful quality. My friend Jess took these for me and they're perrrfect. The culottes I bought in the Topshop sale for something like £6? ridiculously cheap as they were originally £40. The top is motel rocks although I believe you can get them from H&M. I still love this furry bag from ASOS, it adds the perfect amount of texture to any outfit. I'm currently tucked up in bed with a small cat on my lap, iced tea in hand and listening to the rain angrily hit against the window pane. 

I've spent my day off driving, a little bit of shopping and watching numerous episodes of Mad Men,  I truly wish I could of lived through the 60s!

photos: jessica devenport


  1. Love the photos izzie, blogger is rubbish at quality!! Can't believe what a bargain those culottes were, they're so nice

    Julia x

  2. So gorgeous! I love those bargain culottes and the furry bag too x

    Josie’s Journal