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Monday, 15 September 2014

12092014 Busardi

Last Friday I worked for Busardi as a dresser backstage. It was a really good day and minus one small glitch I thought it ran really smoothly. The collection was gorgeous with lots of texture, lace and sheer fabrics. My favourite looks were the layered, block colored outfits with lots of textures and shape. 

Photos:  Yannis Vlamos / Indigitalimages.com
I wish blogger didn't change the images, you can't see how incredibly stunning they were! Go to www.busardi.com for more!

As a dresser my responsibilities included setting up the backstage area, moving garments and after being assigned to a model checking over their garments as well as the obvious- dressing them! I also was in charge of ironing these beautiful, expensive garments - gah! thankfully my knowledge of fabrics and having used irons on my own delicate, irreplaceable graduate collection as well as some common sense it was easy enough and the garments remained in their impeccable state! Phew. 

 After the models had their run throughs, make-up and hair done it was time to dress them. I had the extremely beautiful Nadine Mendes who was a finalist on The Face UK to dress and she was really sweet. The small glitch I spoke about earlier was after I had dressed her in her first garment. The MUA added baby oil to her skin to give it a sheen. I'd made a big effort to lift the long layer of the dress up whilst she was applying it and held it up whilst it dried and explained this to the MUA so that in no circumstances would oil get on the dress. A minute or so later apparently more oil was needed and the MUA slapped it on and this time I'm pretty sure my heart stopped beating!I turned round to Jenn (another dresser and babe from my styling course!) horrified and asked if what I thought had happened had really happened. It had.  She had haphazardly slapped baby oil right down the centre of the dress. And do you know what was worse? She couldn't of cared less! People then hurried round trying to use baby wipes and water to get it off - I'd already interrupted by then- adding something to oil stains when the model was due to walk in minutes?! Bad Idea. Instead we blotted and hair dried - I'm not sure if this was good in the long run but it certainly helped there and then. Nadine had to gracefully hold the garment and move it as she was walking along the runway and thankfully she pulled it off and you can't even see a smidge of oil in the photos! Phew. 

I know things do happen at shows and the MUA didn't mean it but after my effort before hand and her 'couldn't care less' attitude it just bugs me as it could have been avoided!

Not a drop of oil in sight! 

The show looked beautiful and Tuck Muntarbhorn was a great co-founder and a true gentleman. Great fun to work with and I thank him for the opportunity! 

After the show, the styling course girls and some new friends headed out for drinks, evening sun and laughter. It wasn't at all glamorous as I have made it sound but I had a really great day followed by a lovely evening and a slightly drunk long train journey home. 

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