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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

09092014 Culottes for Work

First of all I've done what I always said I wouldn't do - have un-ironed super creased clothing! although I don't suppose you mind! The top is ASOS that I bought for a shoot a couple of weeks ago and had to keep it for myself. It's actually longer I've just tucked it up to show a little skin and hopefully breaking up the outfit and sorting out my pear shape! This is something I'm planning to wear for work, something I can still run around in yet look a little smarter. It's also good for the transition between this beautiful Indian summer to Autumn! The heels are Bertie from ASOS and they're just a replacement for my Oasis ones that after two years have headed to the shoe recycling bin! 

I've spent my day off sorting and tidying my room- it's funny how much easier life is when you're organised but as everyone who knows me knows, it lasts approximately two minutes before its messy! Done all my chores and even picked up my replacement super sexy mouth guard to stop my grinding my teeth- wild, I know. 

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