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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Review: Cleansing Waters

First off, ignore the mess! 

I was a devoté to Bioderma's offering of cleansing water, painless, quick and effortless make up remover. In an attempt to find a cheaper one as the new ones came out on the shelf I tried the L'Oreal one- big mistake. Horrible, it smelt weird and left a greasy film all over my face which was still covered in make up no matter how much I used. Subsequently it was used up I then bulk bought Bioderma until yet again I was on the hunt for the cheaper alternative. Next was Garnier's offering which is pretty damn fantastic. Obviously (it's Bioderma- what do you expect) I prefer Bioderma but I'm more than happy using Garnier's. It's also effortless, painless and so very similar. It's way cheaper and does the job for now! I still have to double cleanse but it removes the bulk of my make up especially my eye make up effortlessly and doesn't irritate my famous sensitive allergy prone skin ;)

You can buy it here: Boots (offer)

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  1. I use Garnier and I love it! So glad I chose that one and not the Loreal one after reading this

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