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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

13082014 Wide Leg Trousers

Both the top and the wide leg trousers were in the sale I'm afraid! I can't find any links but the top is from H&M and was £7 in the sale and the wide leg lace awesome trousers were ASOS! I adore these, similar looking to a maxi skirt but trousers- so more comfortable and practical? 10 points goes to ASOS. Lets pretend I didn't keep them after I styled them on a shoot! The top was a large so I had to sew a chunk in but I really like the scuba mix like material and those gems! Adore that orange/flame colour. Trying to mix my photos up a bit but working full time and locations and a handy person to snap these is hard to come by! any tips?!

Got a shoot to style on Sunday and I'm working up until then - mad online buying last minute session?! I'm so excited to be working with a designer! In other news, bagged myself a styling/everything internship! Can't wait to start and the plan is to update you guys along the way! as well as my styling blog: www.isobelengall.co.uk. I also have work accounts for my social media @isobelengall. 


  1. I love a wide leg trouser. I recently got an amazing pair from H&M and have been living in them x


  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Those trousers are amazing!!


  3. Ahhh, missed like a million of your posts...AGAIN! :'( you need to get bloglovin girl haha! Love this outfit (£17 for the two, say whaaat?) and also I love your hair. I'm thinking of getting mine cut this length! Congrats on the internship! x

    Josie’s Journal

  4. Love the trousers and this crop top is so cute! Xx