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Friday, 8 August 2014

08082014 Smart Glam

I didn't buy much from Zara's sale offerings apart from this little beauty. I bought it for a shoot I was assisting on last Saturday and the dress code was smart, modern and glam! (we would be on film/camera.) White was admittedly incredibly dangerous with trains and the tube but it survived! I wore my neon yellow converse up there so I didn't have to worry about heels on the escalators and it looked really nice - almost a sports luxe feel about it! The dress was £17.99 and my heels are Hogl. The furry bag is ASOS and I really want to buy oversized googly eyes to put on it! Little monster bag. 


  1. You look lovely! How cute is that furry little bag, loving the googly eyes idea haha xx

  2. You look sooo nice, love that dress!! The bag is fab too

    Julia x

  3. Love your shift dress sweets! Looks great x


  4. Love this outfit!! Especially your bag, it's gorgeous!