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Saturday, 12 July 2014

12072014 Outfit Post

I'm finding it really hard to dress for the weather at the moment, it's so temperamental. Had these Birkenstocks a couple of weeks now from work- I'm so glad we had a second delivery as my size is the most popular and sold out straight away! I actually find this style more comfortable than the toe post ones that I previously had from years ago and they don't look as chunky. Quite like the two strap ones too but they look really heavy on me! 

I'm absolutely loving my stylist course at the moment, I'm in my element always looking for items and matching them up in my head! The first shoot was a personal makeover one- you can see a sneaky peek on my instagram! @739051. I also tweet about it! I'm currently looking for some styling assisting work too! so if anyone knows of any or anybody/bloggers/models/mua's/pr/companies wanting to collaborate! I'm here ;) I can even probably get a photographer (jess, that's you) involved too! 

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