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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Summer 2014 Must Haves

The Birkenstock, one trend everyone hated until they became fashionable (I still have mine from when I was 17). Super Comfy and bit of a man repeller. Madrid and Arizona are the styles to go for.

The ripped jeans, something I surprisingly have already but the rips were unintentional and don't have the 'effortless' cool look I'd rather go for. Head to ASOS for the best selection of skinny, ripped jeans. Ragged Priest (at loveclothing.com) do the really nice white ones! perfect for my next trend.

White on White or 'whiteout' is a super cool easy but dangerous trend. Featured in my last post, white on white is easy enough if the separate white items match- if not it can look rather silly. And we all know how many shades of white there is to spill your dinner down! Go for quality simple pieces or one super plain item and one fun item! Such as this awesome Lavish Alice crop top or this easy to wear ASOS dress- it would look incredible with sunkissed skin.

Longline Kimono's such as this Topshop one are really popular too, not sure it's my thing but I'm tempted- perfect and lightweight for summer layering.

One last thing- how can I not include co-ords? Just like the white on white outfits matching your colours and prints is really cool at the moment. I'm after some jungle print/palm print ones!  Miss Selfridge have some gorgeous ones. (top & bottoms)


  1. Perfect list of must haves, and very similar to my own!
    Love your blog, followed on GFC :)



  2. Love the kimono, especially the length of it!