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Friday, 27 June 2014

27062014 Outfit Post

I can't quite believe I found another great skirt from Primark, this one has a slit up the front (to the side) and the pattern is so cool. Brighter than my usual outfits and much more summery. The shoes are my favourite new heels, wooden just like the Swedish Hasbeens (someone fancy buying me a pair in red?) and leather straps, perfect. 

After #fbloggers chats I'd really like some more instagram profiles to follow! feel free to leave yours and your favourites below!


  1. I was ooggling this skirt the other day, but the slit made it a little bit inappropriate for work - so I got a skort in the topshop sale instead, no logic at all. You're looking lavvveeerrrly as always x

    Amy / srslylou

  2. I love this print! It's an absolute beauty.
    Just been having a general gander of your blog, and I'm absolutely loving how you style things.