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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Graduate Collection: Outfit One

Thought I'd show you some picture from my graduate collection now I've finally got my blog back! You might notice the small difference of a .co.uk rather than .com. I cleverly forgot to renew my domain through my google account and had been blocked out so after some messing around and a little help from Amy, I have my blog back. I'm so pleased! And hopefully I'll start loading some new content and more often too. 
This is outfit one, the jumper is made of synthetic melton wool so I could sublimate print onto it and then I added one of my screen prints onto it (the blue). The hanging acrylic shapes were cut out of perspex using the laser cutter and I also engraved some of my prints onto them. It's really subtle and I'm really happy with the detail in it. The skirt is made up of layers including devoré prints; foiling, sublimating and hand embroidery. 

My model Kate Thomas was so perfect for my collection as well! gorgeous skin and incredible eyebrows. 

Technically we've handed in at uni now and done the virtual catwalk. Now it's time to set up for the exhibition and external examiner and finish my portfolio for now. It's been nice to have some time off - I've been down to Plymouth twice to see old and new friends and the weather has been lovely. I really hope it stays! I've also got myself a place on the June Styling Course at the London College of Styling so I'm really happy about that. Planning things to look forward to has really helped me lately. I want to plan some things to do over summer though, for fun- any ideas? A visit to the zoo is definitely on my list. 

Hope everyone's pleased with their uni hand ins and that the exams are going well. 

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  1. Your collection looks stunning so far! You should be real proud :)

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger