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Thursday, 22 May 2014

22052014 Current Favourites

I ran out of my favourite foundation in the normal double wear and decided to get the lighter version, for summer of course. I actually prefer it, it's a lot more smoother and doesn't cling to my eczema. They don't seem to stock the 0.5 online from Boots but it's the perfect match for me and for reference I'm the shade Bone in the normal dw. I got a free lipgloss and concealer when I bought it too, although even though you're supposed to have a darker concealer than foundation I really wish he'd given me 01. It's also too pink for me but it's a good concealer and I'm pretty impressed with the coverage. Something slightly on the cheaper side, Natural Collections £1.99 mascara. It's awesome. My friend Lauren who's an MUA recommended it to me, it's SO good although I don't make as much as an effort as she does and she has incredible eyelashes. It needs a good amount of effort but it really does make your eyelashes super long, I'd recommend the lashbuild one and not the lashcurl. The Seventeen Gel nail varnish is so good, I've been waiting forever for a black gel style nail varnish to come out since the barry m gelly's came out last year and this one does not disappoint. It lasts really well too. 


  1. I always read such good things about that foundation! I want to try that mascara now too, what a bargain x

    Josie’s Journal

  2. I love reading people's faves! Thanks for the post!