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Monday, 28 April 2014

28042014 Blue

All of these are last season I'm afraid! The bag would you know it is marks & spencers! I picked it up in the outlet for £21.00 and it's the perfect size; purse, glasses, sunglasses, umbrella, keys and my camera! it fits in so much and not forgetting the 8 or so lipsticks I appear to carry around. It does mean I don't have random uni stuff in there such as masking tape or pins! 
Isn't the skirt the nicest!? It was in the sale from oasis and I've already worn it twice. I wore it out at the weekend when we went out for Verity's birthday- it was such a fun night, lots of nineties tunes and a hell of a lot of dancing. 

18 days till hand in! wahhhh wish me luck! & everyone else! 


  1. That skirt is just so pretty! I'm obsessed with your bag, the colour is amazing and it's such a perfect size too x


    1. eeeh thank you! i'm so pleased with the purchase xov

  2. Ooh that skirt is so pretty! Good luck for your hand in!!

    Julia x

  3. Really cute outfit.
    Love the skirt.
    And the location of the photos is really pretty.


  4. You look really beautiful! And that outfit is amazing <3

    xx, Malena

  5. I really want that jumper I dooo! I think you can find such gems in M&S xxx