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Sunday, 27 April 2014

27042014 Outfit Post ft Primark

HOW nice is this pineapple print dress from Primark?! It was only £8.00 and it comes down to my knees so watch out if you're petite! I bought a similar one in yellow too. It's super comfy and the print is awesome. Everyone's been really shocked at how much colour I've been wearing- maybe I'm a changed woman? Probably not.

Me and Pip went for a wonder to the local park- I can't believe in nearly three years I haven't been. It's beautiful! No one would go with me last year, maybe I'll just venture out on my own! The flowers were all in full bloom and how cute is that band stand? I can see it being a huge hit for events, can you imagine getting married on it?! 
I've handed in my dissertation and now we only have three weeks left of my fmp. So Scary! 

It's my mums birthday tomorrow and I'm sad I'm not there to celebrate it with her! so happy birthday mum :)


  1. this print is gorgeous, as it the neckline! it'd be great for festivals in the summer! xx


  2. i'm loving anything with pineapples on right now so this dress is right up my street! you look so terribly gorgeous and what a stunning backdrop! x

  3. Ah these photos are sooo lovely! the print on that dress is so cute

    Julia x

  4. Just stunning, your dress is so pretty x


  5. Lovely dress. And stunning location!