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Thursday, 10 April 2014

10042014 Outfit Post ft Topshop & Nike

Top: Topshop (sale), Jeans: Topshop's Leigh's, Shoes: Nike Blazers

So, this is probably an outfit you wouldn't expect from me if you've only seen my blog but truth be told I'm a trainer girl. I go through phases where I live in these and right now I can see four pairs of trainers from my current residing on my bed right now. These are alongside converse my favourites. Super comfy and you can pretty much get away with wearing them with anything. Including some dresses. One thing though, for my height (5'8), I have small feet (size 5) and I often catch myself looking at myself in the mirror with baby looking feet and these shoes enhance that. A lot of the women at work who come in always say " oh you know how it is, it's so hard finding nice shoes in larger sizes just because you're tall". I either agree or point out that I'm a lucky girl with average sized feet/baby feet. 

Anyway the jeans are my favourite and I picked up the top for £6.00 something so you can't go wrong. I'm at home for easter now, been back to work and desperately trying to complete my dissertation. It's not easy for an unmotivated art student let me tell you. 


  1. Love how this outfit is the epitome of casual yet cool <3

    Being a size 5 sounds awesome! I fall anywhere between a 5 and a half or a six and no shop seems to cater too well for that haha! My converse have to be the comfiest thing I own, you can't beat em!

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  2. So dang awesome Izzie, I love the simplicity of this x


  3. Such a simple, casual outfit but somehow still very chic and effortless. I love tops like this that are so wearable, the loose fit makes it comfortable too. I always wished I had smaller feet when I was younger, my friends are size 3/4/5 and there's me with my huge 6.5s - I've learned to embrace it now and also what styles work best to avoid them looking too big/small for my height :) xxx

  4. I have a love for trainers too, got 5 pairs at the moment and I never used to wear them! yay for size 5 feet. Hope your dissertation is going okay :)

    Julia x

  5. Simple and comfy, yet very lovely! Perfect for doing some grocery shopping or just a day at the local coffee shop.

    xx, Malena