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Monday, 3 March 2014

Effaclar Duo +

Escentual asked on twitter if anyone with acne prone skin would like to try the Effaclar Duo+ and of course I jumped at the opportunity. I've never tried the original formula, mainly because I've got a fair few products from the doctors but nothing designed to reduce the marks and anyone with cystic acne would know how badly it scars. I was really happy to try this and it's on offer on escentual at the moment, it's £10.33 rather than £15.50. I would happily pay the full price for this product, it's really good. It says you can use it either once or twice a day to the whole face. I did this for two days and my skin didn't tolerate it too well, it's really strong. It does sa\y it's suitable for even the most sensitive skin but I suppose with my eczema (I didn't apply it to the eczema) and picky skin we didn't get along. So I started applying it as a mask once a week and nightly. It has worked wonders, my skin looks so much better after all. The inflammation reduced and I think it's a bit soon to tell how the scarring is but overall it's a good product. Using it with my prescriptions seems to work well too, I hope that it reduces the marks before they've even been made in the future. 

Overall it's great, a little too strong for me but it does contain very similar ingredients to those you can get prescribed so if you've only got blemish prone skin I wouldn't recommend it but anything worse- buy it. Add it to your basket right now.

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