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Sunday, 30 March 2014

30032014 Outfit Post


So yeah, maybe I did go a little OTT with the flowers. Now onto my new skirt, isn't it fantastic? leather look crocodile (I think) embossed skirt. It was in the sale for £7.00 from H&M and although I'm a super skint student right now I couldn't let it go, it's the perfect addition to my wardrobe. It was a tad chilly in bare legs but not awful, hoping for some more sunshine to brighten up the days/moods at uni. We're all so stressed with this final major project and we just had our marks back from the previous project and I got my highest mark so I'm pretty happy. Most people wouldn't say it's that great but it really is an achievement for me especially after last year. 

I've booked my train home for Easter and I'm so excited to see my family and friends again and I'm also working in the shoe shop so that shall be nice! 
I've had so many 'have you dyed your hair' comments recently, I think because my un-bleached roots are coming through and into my fringe and people don't remember how dark my hair actually is! like I've got black eyebrows and eyelashes guys. I'm really bored of my hair though, no idea what to do with it. 

Anyway 4 days left of term and then I'm back in good old sunny Buckinghamshire, need a bit of calm, normality in my life. And to see my friend's puppies again! 

hope everyone's had a lovely mother's day! 
& also check out my tumblr below, it's got all my uni work on! lot's of prints and garments


  1. I think the flowers are cute! Well done on your grade, you should be super proud. Love that little skirt, what a bargain! xxx

  2. obsessed with this look! So gorgeous and I absolutely LOVE the addition of the daisies, sosooooo super duper cute! x

  3. lovely outfit! sorry if you said it before but where are your vest and tshirt from?:) x

  4. what a bargain find! that skirt would look amazing in the summer! x

  5. You look amazing! I adore everything about this outfit, so cool! I'm loving your blog and outfits too, new follower! x


  6. Love this outfit! The skirt is so nice, love the croc print.
    Also the add of the flowers is very cool, good way to make a plain background more interesting!


  7. I love the flowers, never too many! This outfit is perfect, absolutely love that skirt!

    Julia x

  8. i love your hair! such a cool outfit, love the monochromeness, awesome skirt too - such a great bargain! x
    The Frill Seeker

  9. Great outfit!


  10. This outfit is so perfect Izzie! xx

  11. You look absolutely lovely! That hat makes the outfit so complete! <3

    xx, Malena