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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

12032014 Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel

So I'm one of those people who hates washing their face, the feel of water going everywhere and the tight horrible sore skin afterwards doesn't make me want to do it anymore than I have to. That said, this product makes me want to take my makeup off and wash my face as soon as I wake up and especially when I'm home for the evening.

 It's so luxurious to use on a dry face, it starts off as a gel that you then warm between your fingers and apply over your face. Whilst applying it turns into a gorgeous oil texture. It's still thick too so it won't slide down your face and go everywhere (pet hate x100). Once you add water it dissolves into milk taking all the impurities and makeup with it. Tip: It's best to use in the shower if you want to see this transformation! It removes all my make up especially stubborn mascara and leaves my face feeling soft and extremely happy. No cardboard face here! It also doesn't irritate my eczema and it's just a dream for sensitive skin! The smell is sweet and relaxing, it really is such a nice product to use. 

I'm so glad I bought the full size after trying a sample 25ml size from a set, I'd recommend you buy it from escentual as it's a bargain. You should grab some french pharmacy goodies while you're over there too like the effaclar duo+. 

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  1. Sounds amazing. I hope we have this product in Holland because I really wanna try this.