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Sunday, 2 March 2014

02032014 Outfit Post

This outfit is all old I'm afraid, the fur gilet is from River Island's Chelsea Doll collection and I bought it in the sale with Christmas money. I'm still not 100% confident in wearing it, it's a little too bold for me! I do love it though! 
We've just handed in our project for this module, 6 weeks of work never seems enough. I think it went ok though- hopefully improve! We've been given our new and final module of this degree straight after hand in and it all seems a bit surreal that this is our last module. I don't feel I'm good enough to finish uni yet! Or old enough! Scary.  Went out last night and got a Mcdonald's afterwards- a mcflurry has never tasted so good! 

Thanks to Pip for taking these pictures! 


  1. How ahmazing is that gilet? Looks wicked on you. Good luck with your final module! xxx

  2. So gorgeous and cosy! Your hair is amazing! x

  3. I love this outfit! The gilet looks fabulous, don't worry about it looking bold, you styled it perfectly and you look amazing!

  4. you look amazing, love the outfit! xxx


  5. That looks incredibly cosy! It actually looks chic with all the dark colors so don't worry !
    Also, your hair is like the blond version of mine and looks awesome :p