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Tuesday, 18 February 2014


Not the best quality pictures I'm afraid, I still haven't got the hang of my tripod let alone camera settings. I don't normally venture into Primark but I'm glad I did as I've now got this dress for £3.00. I went in to look for a Little Mermaid T-shirt which is one of my favourite Disney films but sadly they didn't have it, maybe next time.  I've been trying to mix up my make up recently and use things I don't normally go for, in this case I've used 'darkhorse' from the Urban Decay NAKED Palette and Topshop's 'morning dew' cream blush. Shocking that I used a blush right?! even if it was a teeeeeny, tiny bit. 

I've been making one of my final garments for my collection and it was all going so well until I dropped the squeegee on my print- I actually screamed and the only person in the room didn't even flinch. Pfft, I needed that sympathy. 


  1. Love the dress!


  2. Make up looks prettttty! And damn that squeegee xxx

  3. I wish I could get dresses in primark, but they just don't make 'em for tall people :( Looking lovely by the way x

    Amy / srslylou