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Sunday, 2 February 2014

02022014 Outfit Post

Coat: Zara Shirt: New Look Trousers: ASOS Boots: Hogl

These skinny trousers were my attempt to look slightly smarter than black jeans... Although that being said they are approximately 1-2 cm too short. Even though the model on ASOS is taller than me; Oh well, I'll roll them up. I got them in summer and they're still the same price which is good as I'm suuure ASOS like to move their prices up and down when it's popular. Cheeky. The shirt as you all know is old and I still love it, tried to hunt down the burgundy version but alas no luck for me. 

Popped to Bristol yesterday with Pip (my photographer); mostly as everyone's away and I was lonely and then to my friends in the evening where we had cocktails, sweets and I watched Mary Poppins for the first time. Convinced that they were all on drugs and highly fake tanned. Julie Andrews looked incredible! I feel if I wake up grumpy one day, putting this on would sort me out asap. 

Happy Birthday Nana! hope you've had a lovely day!


  1. Lovely outfit.
    Love the blouse!
    And your lipstick looks really pretty.


  2. youre so gorgeous! bloody cool gal! x

  3. love this look! amazing jeans and I love the length! x

  4. Just gorgeous. So simple and sexy x


  5. Lovely simple look, the hearts are so cute! Also love the trousers a black pair are just such a staple!xo