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Monday, 13 January 2014

Clothes Show Live 2013

So yeah, I met Henry Holland. Dream come true! The last picture is my post meeting Henry face, I was so, so excited. 
Last year (how creepy is that!) in December I did work experience through my art college at the Clothes Show to promote it and me and Ellen were lucky enough to flirt our way into getting some tickets for the show! The show was incredible and one of the best I've seen there, they've really upped their game. I bought some Clarin's on offer; Model's Own and Morrocan Oil. It was a good couple of days despite the incredibly early starts. I'm sure my friends appreciated the snapchats of me on the shuttle bus being far too excited and like a little kid. It was fun ok?!

So anyway back to Henry. OH my god. 

I've set up a tumblr account for my university work, as much as I didn't want to separate it from this blog (and I won't, you're stuck with my rambles and pictures) I thought I'd try it out on tumblr for a while...
also exciting tumblr finally allowed numbers in the url! 

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  1. Ah I bet it was amazing meeting HH! Your hair looks lovely too x

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger