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Thursday, 2 January 2014

02012014 the best mascara in the world

I think it's been nearly two years since I first tried this mascara after trying a sample from a magazine and my affections for it haven't altered in the slightest. It's Lancóme's Hypnóse Star mascara and it's got my vote as the best mascara ever.

 In Lancóme's words it's voluminous, show-stopping eyes...curl-enhancing features give you the best dramatic eye look. I love long, defined eyelashes and while I have been using a Collection 2000 £1.99 mascara (review coming soon, - it's brilliant) if I could wear this everyday I would. The pictures above show two coats and a little time spent creating longer eyelashes- definitely a more dramatic look than my everyday look. 

One coat gives you defined, voluminous eyelashes and boy does it look good. The mascara itself is £22.00 which isn't the cheapest. I usually ask for the set above for Christmas but this year I managed to get it for £14.99 from my local Lancóme counter so get yourself down to one sharpish! It also doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes nor does it take ages to remove in fact it's pretty easy. Nothing like Benefit's that gal mascara. Never again. I never use the pencils in the set and the cleanser is ok but not to my taste. I hate the feel of oily skin after using it. 

If money was no object and I wasn't a poor student then I'd buy this over and over again. I couldn't recommend it more if I tried! 


  1. :O your lashes look amaze, you look like you're wearing falsies! I seriously need a new mascara because all of mine are drying out, I'd love to try this but I'm a bit skint right now so I'm looking forward to the £1.99 one review! Also, Happy New Year gurrrl! xxx

  2. My auntie bought me this for Christmas... I'm OBSESSED with it! :-) (Happy New Year lovely!) x

  3. Yes! I got that set for Christmas too, my nana always buys me it, it's solo good isn't it! x

  4. You're make up looks beautiful xx

  5. Oooh this sounds & looks amazing! & such a bargain too :)
    I've not bought a lancome mascara in soo long xx

  6. i have this one and its soo great love it!! :))


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  9. Love that lip shade