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Saturday, 2 November 2013

Zara Coat

Coat: Zara

Yep, this is the new 'it' item from Zara and I can fully vouch for it. It has been reduced by 50% to £29.99 both online and now in store. It's a lovely plain-ish smart coat. I feel it's a tad fancy for me, the girl who lives in layers and her leather jacket but I'm definitely warming to the style. They have it in four colours and the green is beauuutiful. My mum's purchased it and thankfully in the same size and I can't wait to swap... 

It ticks all of the boxes: warm, smart, cheap, covers your bottom and works with pretty much everything. Including jeans even if I felt a bit funny wearing them together. I'm fussy- what can I say?

They've also got an amazing red one for £39.99 which also comes in a lovely camel colour too. 

Helen and Josie  (gorgeous ladies, gorgeous blogs) also have it too, take a look at their blogs - both in my favourite list. 

My advice to you? go buy this coat, in as many colours as you can afford! 

Hair update: it's now a murky blue/green/blonde/brown bleugh.


  1. What a bargain!
    Such a lovely coat, perfect for day and evening :)


  2. I see coats in Primark for £25, now I'm dreaming of what 4.99 more can get me *swoons*

    P.s. I have monti boots now, I love them - all your fault! xx

    Amy / srslylou

  3. Yay! I wish I'd bought more now :( on Oxford St it was still full price I confused! But now I've got my eye on the camel one you mentioned, it's gorgeous (but I've already bought three coats this year, eek!) Thank you for the mention *blushes*
    By the way, I LOVED your skeleton look it was amazing! xxx