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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Seventeen Phwoarr Paint

Seventeen Phwoarr Paint in Fair £5.49

I picked up this after my favourite Benefit Boi-ing had run out and I'd been scraping it from the pan! I wear Boi-ing in Light 01 and also Fair in Seventeen. It's a very, very similar colour match - not that I've swatched it together but I can tell against my foundation. I think Boi-ing has a bit more coverage and the quality is nicer but there really isn't a huge difference- minus the price! I'm going to carry on using the Seventeen one until perhaps I've got a well paid job! As I don't have the money at the moment to be splashing out on unnecessary items! One difference between the two is the packaging. When shut they look very similar but the Seventeen concealer is on a latch and the lid has a quality mirror! Perfect for a top up. I'm leaning towards the Seventeen on this occasion!

The coverage is good and when warmed up in your fingers is very pliable. It does look a bit cakey on dry skin and clings to it but so does the Benefit one and you'd expect it. It also is pale and matches up to MAC studio fix nw13 if you need a comparison. 


  1. I lurrrrrvve this! I've never tried the Benefit equivalent, but this isn't bad for five quid x

    Amy / srslylou

  2. I bought this the other day because I was too cheap to splash out on the Benefit one haha. I prefer the Seventeen packaging too! xxxx

  3. This doesn't sound bad for a fiver! xx

  4. great review! thanks for sharing!


  5. For the price i love this concealer, it covers my dark circles perfectly.

    Tanesha x