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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Line Up - previous work

line up from my last module

These are some of my digital prints put into a line up, it's not the neatest or the most accurate but you get the gist. The work is rather girly for me, I presume you've all cottoned on the the fact that black is my favourite colour to wear. If you can even call it a colour that is. I'm using flowers again this module, dead flowers and petals and i'm hoping to get away from the stereotypical floral work. I don't actually like using flowers but some how I've found myself using them again, it was either that or bugs. 


  1. Love these, the prints look really cool! This is how I do my lineups as well

    Julia x

  2. I would wear all of that. It looks so lovely Izzie!

    A-j x

  3. I love your design, especially the 3rd look !

  4. I don't mind the flowers at all, it looks great!
    Your blog is lovely!