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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Instagram Round Up

pretty bridge, chip shop chips for dinner, starbucks peppermint hot chocolate & candy cane, flatmates birthday, drinking lemsip, virus supplies , tesco's all butter gluten free chocolate cookies, truth, my halloween costume, halloween/flatmates, new neon converses, john lewis hot chocolate, bleach's washing out liquid, back home with baby moo, toilet selfie- how nice is i?!, cute milkshake in a jar, new make up, cocktails in the bath, treats

The last couple of weeks I've finished one major project at university and started another. I also went down to Devon with my family for a long weekend break and went home back to Buckinghamshire with them. I stayed until halloween and then got the train back ready for our party. I haven't done much recently apart from eat apparently according to this. Still trying to get back into the swing of blogging, hopefully I'll get some more outfit posts done! I got the last project marks back yesterday, only 2 marks off a 2.1 which for me is a good start in comparison to last year. Fingers crossed I'll keep on improving.  I've got a nasty virus/head cold thing at the moment and it's surprising how low it gets you, I swear I have no energy! even bending down to hang my washing up was too much when I had searing pain in my head! My hearing has come back though, what a godsend. I should really count myself lucky.

Hope everyone's well and are wrapping up warm ready for winter! 


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