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Friday, 1 November 2013

Happy Halloween

As I write this I'm in bed still covered in black smudges even after showering at 4am... It was a really good night and being a skeleton was so much fun! The make up was inspired by Katie Snooks tutorial on youtube and I wore a black strapless dress and trainers. 

It was an eventful night especially after I also became a rock, my original costume part of rock, paper and scissors. Best quote was "who are you?" "I'm Scissors and that's rock" "Oh I've already met paper she said rock was in the toilets trying to fix scissors". Not word to word obviously but best. quote. ever. 

hope everyone had a fab night, leave me links of your Halloween costumes! now I'm off to clean the floor after last nights party...


  1. Ah wow this is amazing! I never go do any face paint or anything for Halloween-maybe next year
    Lucia's Loves

  2. This is an incredible idea.
    You look so good. Very impressed.