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Monday, 18 November 2013

18102013 OOTD ft Topshop & Converse

Dress: Topshop, Cardigan: Primark, Shoes: Converse

The dress I got in the Topshop sale for £15.00 it's a size ten which is a teeny tiny bit tight on my chest - who would of thought it! and although I imagine the 12 would be too baggy I wish they had it just so I could of tried it on. Oh well, it soon softens. I've just seen this cool leopard print version on the website too, it would look awesome with a black polo neck long sleeve and chunky boots. I did want to pair my polo neck with this (I can see it becoming a staple...) but it was in the wash again- boo. The back on this dress is pretty cool too, I do have a picture but you can see how bad the colour in my hair is at the moment! Why won't the blue fad I don't know. Topshop have some really nice slip dresses in at the moment too, and the ones with the cool stringy back bit are on offer too! Wish I had some spare money! The blue and the red are my favourites- bright for an all black kinda girl. Probably why I love these neon converse so much, fun bit of garish colour to my outfit. I know everyone says you can't ever bin converse but believe you me, my last red pair were fit for the bin. They were so ruined, the backs had worn down to the bar of the 'a' in allstar and the insides were all rubbed down the the plastic. It's so sad saying goodbye to a favourite. 

I went to the Christmas market in town today, they had micro pigs and the cutest fluffy baby donkey. I was among the kids going mad for them. So cute. They had such nice things on the stalls too- loads of cute home ware items! I wish I had my own place to deck out, my student flat isn't really worth it plus I'd have to cart it all home at the end of the term. 

36 days till Christmas...Ah


  1. Your dress is so pretty! I never find anything good in the Topshop sale. That's sad about your shoes but a good excuse for a new pair! xxx

  2. I swear you always manage to pick up such lovely things in the sales! I'd never have such luck, ever!! I think I need to add neon converse to my Christmas list (or just buy some anyway) Looking fabby dabby as always xx

    Amy / srslylou