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Friday, 18 October 2013



wishlist by isobelengall featuring long black boots

This is my current not so accurate wishlist. I've been lusting over these New Look boots after seeing them on Sara's blog here. Doesn't she look amazing? serious girl crush here. 

I've been wanting a fedora hat for years, but I either don't suit them or can pluck up the courage to actually buy and wear one... 

I really want that little mermaid t-shirt that everyone has from Primark, it's one of my favourite Disney films. The phone case would look pretty cool too.

I've just purchased the sensibio Bioderma as my eczema has been really playing up and I need something that won't irritate it. Trying to exfoliate my face instead wasn't a good plan. This new hydrobio is supposed to be really good for sensitive skin and if it hadn't of been sold out I would of bought this one. I'm dying for a super dark red lipstick too since mine ran out! any suggestions?!

After all that blabbing I really can't afford any of it, university is wiping me out faster than I can blink. I spent over £40 on a metre and a half digital printing the other day and it messed up so badly. Not my fault but I've got a week left till hand in and I can't quite get my head around life until it's sorted! and then there is all the other processes;  fabrics, binders, emulsion you name it. Poor, poor, poor. 


  1. The little mermaid top is brilliant,love it and cant believe its from primark too! I also need to get a hat this winter! xx

  2. I LOVE the Little Mermaid top! Good luck with the hand in, hope you sort it out x

    Jodie Marie, à la Jode

  3. I totally want that Little Mermaid top!