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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

BLEACH: Washing Out Liquid

I bought Bleach's Washing Out Liquid in an attempt to rid my hair of it's crazy colours. It's a mixture of dark blue, purple, lilac and green in places- as well as my blonde and brunette roots! I've lost hope with my hair right now. I want to get it cut shorter and maybe a fringe put back in but when it grows and I can't get to a hairdressers it's not attractive. Bit like it is now, maybe a few layers are needed?

Anyway when I first used this the water ran a murky grey colour, a little disappointing admittedly but once dry you could see a difference. The colour is lighter and softer especially on the top. Underneath is lighter too and you can see more blonde coming through. It hasn't stripped it as much as I would of liked it too but I've got a whole 200 ml to get through! Fingers crossed it carries on fading it. 

I chose to use this rather than Head and Shoulders (not nice on my scalp) and a colour stripper like ColourB4 as it's less damaging. My hair seems to be fine with this washing out liquid but I'll definitely carry on using oils - just in case. At £5.00 for 200 ml it's not cheap but if it does the trick... 
Apparently Vosene works well too - maybe another trip to Boots is in order?!

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  1. washing up liquid is pretty good too! I bought this product too but it didn't do much to my hair (although I was using permanent dye so) but a friend recommended washing up liquid and it did get rid of a lot of colour! Just be sure to use plenty of conditioner after [: I have heard vosene is good too! xx