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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

02102013 Lol's Birthday Outfit Post ft Topshop

Skirt: Topshop, Boots: Topshop, Bag: Topshop

I love, love this skirt. And bag. I took advantage of Topshop's 20% student discount (valid until tomorrow eve; go, go, go!) and pay day of course. I couldn't help but treat myself, not that I needed too but I couldn't not. The bag is amazing, it fits so much in! And it's leather which I always try to buy as it's going to wear well and look much better. Everyone always says that you can't just go look for a new handbag as you'll never find one. Hence why I couldn't let it go, I've never even owned a black handbag and now after years of searching I've found the perfect one. Thankfully when I've got some money too! 

The skirt is incredible and I love the texture. Bit more fun than my usual skirts! Not too bad a price either with 20% off! It came straight to the till with me, no question about it. Also, elasticated waist- what's not to love? 

It's my sister Lol's birthday today, she's 18?! how time literally flies. Perfect occasion to wear my new skirt and it's not too cold to go without tights. Although I'll definitely be wearing them later when I go to the train station. I've spent the last couple of days preparing for her birthday dinner party and making a cake. It took forever, pushed aside my uni work. Opps.

Anyway, happy birthday lol, hope you had a great day. 


  1. I love your skirt and boots :) x


  2. Love the skirt! Happy birthday to your little sister!

    -Trina ♥

  3. Lovely little outfit, loving the subtle print on the skirt! Happy birthday to your little sister xx

  4. love your skirt!
    Very lovely outfit.
    I need to go to topshop!


  5. ohhh shit. skirt shoes and bag are to die for! man i wish i could afford topshop xx

  6. Why are your legs so tanned I'm so jealous! And I'm jealous you're a student, I miss that discount :'( Love the skirt, the shape is so lovely and had me at 'elasticated waist' haha! xxx